iClean is ready to provide Eco-Friendly cleaning supplied and equipment on demand at an additional cost of 35 GBP for regular cleaning supplies. This service is payable seperately from your booking and you will receive two seperate invoices for this purchase.


Please note that making this purchase does not confirm your booking. Your booking is seperate to this purchase.

Eco-Friendly iClean Cleaning Supplies

SKU: 364215375135191
  • iCLEAN will provide:

            •       Sponge Cloths 
            •       Non-Scratch Sponge Scourers 
            •       Microfiber Cloths  
            •       Microfiber Duster 
            •       Extra Thick Kitchen Role
            •       Floor Cleaner
            •       Multipurpose Surface Cleaner 
            •       Multipurpose Surface Polish 
            •       Multipurpose Surface Disinfectant Spray
            •       Toilet cleaner 
            •       Bathroom Cleaner 
            •       Bathroom Mousse Cleaner 
            •       Professional Grout Cleaner 
            •       Professional Lime scale Cleaner 
            •       Air Freshener
            •      &nb